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The highest possible quality

Agile methodologies

Full-service QA team

Full-cycle software development services

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Work process

We have 30+ years of experience in application development of various complexity. We always start with a detailed analysis of the project and use our tech expertise and best practices of the software industry to achieve the highest possible results.

Whether you need to build the application from the scratch or need a partner for smart customization of the existing platform, Eighteen Thirtysix is your highly experienced development team. We take responsibility for the whole development process, you just tell us what kind of solution you need, and what features you require. You can count on our experts to advise you on technology and solutions to bring the results you request.

1. The highest possible quality

Our highly-experienced development team guarantees that projects are always completed on time and that their quality is of the highest level possible, which is confirmed by comprehensive tests.

We focus on the client’s needs and on fulfilling our commitments. We always make sure your solutions is scalable, to be expanded and modified later when your business needs it.

2. Agile methodologies

We develop software with the use of Agile methodologies and follow their best practices, including continuous integration, test-driven development and code quality metrics.

This means that the whole process is transparent to everyone involved in the project and that you can always check what tasks the development team is currently working on.

3. Full-cycle software development services

We offer a full-cycle software development services, from design phase, through implementation and integration to further support services.

We can provide you with a whole analysis of the project, made by our experts. We will ensure that the final product meets all your expectations.

4. Full-service QA team

Our highly-qualified quality assurance team verifies the developed software with respect to the documented requirements in each project.

We focus on actual testing, performed by means of executing the software with the intention to identify bugs/defects throughout the implementation process.

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