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About Kondor Trade Processing

Reap the rewards of increased automation and effective risk management throughout the enterprise with Kondor Trade Processing, the multi-entity treasury management system for corporate treasuries and banking back offices.

Proven, reliable and effective, Kondor Trade Processing operates across all asset classes and can be fully customized and easily upgraded for new users, types of instruments and modules. Its open framework allows smooth connection with third-party products via standard middleware adapters or interfaces using open APIs.

1. Kondor trade processing tools include
  • Processing
  • Delivery
  • Confirmations
  • Payments
  • Collateralization
  • Accounting
  • Messaging
  • Cash management
  • Treasury centralization
  • Reporting
  • Tailored workflow management
2. Kondor trade processing at a glance
  • Support cash and financial risk management all in one system
  • Centralized cash management for Corporate Treasuries
  • Meet all back-office and treasury accounting needs
  • Comprehensive accounting and reporting
  • Take full advantage of SWIFT messaging
  • Minimize the need for manual
  • intervention – STP
  • Reduce administration and cost
  • per transaction
  • Customize for local market conditions
  • and specific needs
3. Cash and financial risk management in one system
See the entire treasury activity centrally and reduce the total cost of ownership. Kondor Trade Processing monitors treasury cash flows as well as a wide range of financial instruments, all within a single system. It allows users to get a full picture of an organization’s cash position and manage financial risks from a global perspective, with no need for extra applications. And because it covers such a breadth of asset classes, users can manage a wide range of instruments in a single system from front office features to back office and accounting.
4. Centralize cash management for corporate treasury

As it is web-based, Kondor Trade Processing allows all remote subsidiaries to interact with the central treasury on a single shared system, regardless of location and language. Remote users can capture loans and deposits, FX transactions, budget forecasts, transfers as well as using it for reporting (such as account statements, interest scales, deal journals). It’s easy to convert into different local currencies, or post either in the original trade currency or in the converted base currency – and the web-based interface makes Kondor Trade Processing easy and cost efficient to deploy.

5. Meet all back-office and treasury accounting needs

With its wide functional scope, Kondor Trade Processing is a robust, comprehensive treasury and back-office system that meets all trade processing, cash and accounting needs. Kondor Trade Processing handles the netting of all automatic and manually entered payments according to a range of criteria. Through a bank reconciliation module, users can manage forecasted payments with nostro and vostro account statements supporting all types of formats, such as SWIFT MT940/950 and MT942

6. Comprehensive accounting and reporting

Kondor Trade Processing provides comprehensive report coverage. All data related to currency dispositions and postings can be exported from Kondor Trade Processing in real time or at the end of the day. Corresponding accounting entries can be produced prior to sending postings to the general ledger, in a variety of formats. The accounting interface can be designed as a simple FTP file transfer, database-to-database connection or event- driven interface via a standard middleware adapter. And as well as handling local accounting schemes, Kondor Trade Processing has a large library of standard accounting reports, which support IFRS and US-GAAP methodologies. New accounting postings and customized reports can be configured in accordance with local market needs too.

7. Reduce administration and cost per transaction

Why take the risk of key-entering data when there is no need to? Kondor Trade Processing reduces operational risk by minimizing manual interventions, with tools for deal processing, delivery, confirmations, payments, collateral management and accounting entries across all instruments. Increased automation will help optimize efficiencies and reduce administration and costs.

8. Customize for local market conditions and specific needs

Kondor Trade Processing’s open, flexible structure means it can be easily adapted to local market conditions and customer requirements without the need for hard coding. Hundreds of clients throughout the world rely on Kondor Trade Processing. It’s testament to the system’s proven abilities and the service that they receive.

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