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Mobile Solutions

Our developers are well acquainted with mobile technologies and have experience in developing applications on mobile platforms. We deliver first-class mobile solutions in business, games, and GIS field.

We can provide you:
  • Native applications for Android/iOS mobiles and tablets
  • Games and other multimedia mobile solutions used in brand promotion
  • Applications that use geo-location and GPS Tracking
  • Dedicated tools for the mobile business
  • Custom mobile application development
  • Dedicated Internet applications
  • Mobile Web Development

Web Projects

  • Web Development
    • Development of business-to-business websites with search engines friendlines and application integration
    • Development of eCommerce / consumer websites
    • Development of fully functional websites (B2C, B2B, Community, Portal)
    • Development of fully interactive websites with audio-video streaming and animation development
    • Development of web based ERP/Intranet.
  • Internet/Web application development
    • Back-end integration of My SQL, PostgeSQL, SQL server, Access, DB2, Sybase, Informix etc.
    • Integration with CRM, ERP, Order Fulfilment, POS etc
    • Enabling existing applications to web/internet/intranet
    • Tools for integration and other applications to web
  • CMS web development
    • Drupal development for enterprise CMS
    • Wordpress development for smaller CMS and blogs
  • eCommerce development
    • Development for enterprise eCommerce solutions
  • Java related web development
    • Application Development using Java (sun, IBM, Java Swing, JDK, etc.)
    • Converting existing application to Java
    • Distributed computing for Java
    • System prototyping
    • Java security (JDK)
    • Testing the website performance
    • Load testing
    • Web-site testing
    • Develop Java middle ware tools
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