Open Banking with API

APIs are the building blocks of Digital Transformation. They help to Manage APIs as the core asset that makes both the internal organization and the outside world fully benefit from your application services – and vice versa
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Open banking & PSD2
Making Open APIs work for you:

Open banking API Platform enables banks to create an open banking API infrastructure where their APIs are standardized, have an API marketplace where FinTech partner’s technology capabilities and Bank’s core competencies are on boarded. Further, API lifecycles are automated through API Enablement and Sandboxing feature helps in creating a testing environment for all concerned players with open banking APIs.

Building Financial Services Open APIs
  • Define, plan and launch an API capability in your company
  • Build successful partnerships between financial institutions, Fintechs, e-commerce and retail firms, and supply chain and logistics services
  • Perform the role of API Product Manager
  • Build an API team
  • Set up your API Dev Environment / Sandbox
  • Define the governance structure for APIs in your firm
  • Monitor and measure the performance of your APIs
  • Build a developer community inside and outside your firm
  • Drive adoption of your API platform among external partners such as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), e-commerce and other firms, and internal development teams
  • Participate in new business models
  • Increase Bank products/services market accessibility
  • Create an ecosystem to deliver innovative services
  • Collaborate with Fintech firms providing superior customer experience
  • Extend reach in newer digital channels
  • Create efficiencies overcoming legacy impedance
  • Comply to regulatory measures
Advanced Marketing Analytics

Whether marketing through digital, physical or omni-channel environments, measuring results, forecasting and prediction can enhance business success.

A continuous Analytics Cycle of iterative insight, improvement and measurement is critical to marketing success. Best practices and advanced analytics techniques will be applied to practical worked examples including pricing, forecasting, segmentation, and advertising and campaign performance.

API & Microservice Service Offerings

  • Executive and operational workshops
  • Landscape Assessment
  • Roadmap Definition
  • Identify use cases for monetization
  • API Sandbox for Financial Institutions, Startups and FinTech
  • Testing environment for all PSD2 / Open banking APIs
Implementation & Support
  • Infrastructure readiness
  • Integration Services
  • API & Micro services
  • API Developer portal & Documentation
  • On going Support
API Testing
  • API validation &Testing
  • Performance Testing

API Management Platforms

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