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Work process

We perform acceptance tests, evaluate the quality of code or of whole applications and automate quality assurance processes.

Building real systems means caring about quality control, robustness and correctness. Our experts have several years of experience in developing and testing software. Depending on your needs, we can check both quality and performance. During the whole process we offer complex Testing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

1. Quality Assurance
We offer a set of activities designed to ensure that the development and maintenance process is adequate to ensure a system will meet its objectives. In this phase we focus on processes and procedures rather than conducting actual testing on the system.
2. Quality Control
Our highly qualified team provides verification of developed software with respect to documented requirements. We focus on actual testing by executing Software with intend to identify bug/defect through implementation of procedures and process.
3. Testing

We offer full Software Test Life Cycle, from test planning, analysis, design, testing cycles to final testing and post implementation.

We provide all of the test levels and categories:

    Functional Testing:
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
    Non-Functional Testing:
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Portability Testing
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